Cabal + WinHugs + Windows + No C Compiler

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Nov 7 16:10:06 EST 2006


> Well I guess that's just the issue. Cabal also isn't an existing
> dependency. It'd be pretty bad to make every library & program depend on
> Cabal. Perhaps it's just as bad to make it depend on Win32, but I think
> it's probably less bad. Or it could go in base or we could leave it as
> is as an FFI import.

The options:

* Depend on win32 - plenty of users won't have this installed (since
its no longer bundled by default)

* Depend on FFI - most WinHugs users won't have C installed

* Depend on Cabal - everyone with WinHugs or GHC will definitely have
this installed.

* Depend on base - everyone everywhere will have this installed, but
requires changing base and there is no equivalent function on Posix
(otherwise this would be a useful general purpose function)

My vote goes in the direction of Cabal or base, since if its not one
of those two I probably just won't bother using the Path functionality
for Hoogle.



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