[Otakar Smrz] Cabal's `sdist` on Win32

Otakar Smrz otakar.smrz at mff.cuni.cz
Wed Nov 1 13:41:32 EST 2006

Neil Mitchell <ndmitchell <at> gmail.com> writes:

> What was the original line here? And why are tar and gzip being used,
> when a much more "windows" thing to do would be to create a .zip file
> - although I guess thats not what people want.

My point was that the current implementation of Hugs has it

-- line 133 of Distribution.Simple.SrcDist

   system $ "(cd " ++ tmpDir
            ++ ";tar cf - " ++ (nameVersion pkg_descr)
            ++ ") | gzip -9 >" ++ tarBallFilePath

which is not understood by cmd.exe in WinXP --- () and | are not supported. I
therefore proposed the change of code so that it works:

-- line 133 replaced with these two system calls

   system $ unwords ["tar -C", tmpDir, "-cf",
                     tarBallFilePath, nameVersion pkg_descr]
   system $ unwords ["gzip -9", tarBallFilePath]

-- also redefined to work with gzip

   tarBallName p = (nameVersion p) ++ ".tar"

I had to install gzip and tar, of course, but they are available, so that is not
a problem for me. However, if you and the other developers take this issue
further as to removing the dependency on these external tools, the better for
the users.

Thank you,


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