new cabal-get developments

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sat Jul 8 14:43:29 EDT 2006

Audrey Teng and I hacked on cabal-get a few weeks ago.  Some details
are here:

Basically, Audrey was able to talk me out of my "smart server, dumb
clients" stance.  HackageDB is now just a directory tree with an index
file.  She also implemented better local install for mutiple cabal
packages with cabal-get.  I haven't played with this much.

The way it's going to work, at least for the short term, is that
anyone w/ access to (aka darcs) will be able to run
the 'put' program to add packages to hackage.

Anyway, take a look at the code and tell me what you think.  xerox is
going to be working on it for his SoC project, as we started to
outline here:



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