needing to know install paths

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Thu Jul 6 05:43:08 EDT 2006

Hi Cabal hackers,

For c2hs we've run into a problem. See the thread about c2hs on window
over on the haskell list.

c2hs wants to install a data file (actually a .hs source file) and wants
to know where it's been installed so that c2hs --copy-library can find
and copy said file.

So how do we do this? At the moment c2hs's Setup.hs calls a postInst
script which installs a wrapper script (much like all the little ghc
wrapper scripts which specifies the path where things can be found). Of
course this doesn't work on Windows.

I recall some talk about making this sort of thing easier? Where did we
get with that?


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