ghc requesting package version 1.1.7 but 0.1.7 is installed ?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at
Wed Dec 27 20:20:43 EST 2006

$ ghc -o setup --make -package Cabal-0.1.7 setup.hs
Linking setup ... 
ghc-6.5.20060917: unknown package: Cabal-1.1.7

I don't understand this.

I've substituted 
Version 1.1.7 by 0.1.7 to get a low version which won't be used unless requested.
This is the only Cabal package beeing installed.
	$ ghc-pkg describe Cabal 
	name: Cabal
	version: 0.1.7
	license: BSD3

Why is ghc requesting still 1.1.7?
set | grep 1.1.7 doesn't list any interesting environment variable except of pwd and OLDPWD

The Cabal which has been destributed with my ghc is verison thus can't be the problem.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


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