Hello. some questions and suggestions

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 18:22:46 EST 2006


>         I'd like to work on this too. But I I'm lacking some knowledge here.
>         At the moment cabal is using ReadP, right?
>         Am I also right that ReadP is lacking user friendly error messages
>         compared to parsec?
>         I like the idea of using either { ; ; } or indentation. Thus you have
>         best of both styles, C and python such like the haskell language.
>         So would it be ok to use parsec instead of ReadP?

Another advantage of Parsec is that then you'd be able to install a
Hugs package without passing the -98 flag every time. ReadP requires
forall, but Parsec doesn't unless you use the expression parser, which
I doubt Cabal would require.

This will also make it easier to do a Yhc port of Cabal.



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