install doesn't install under Windows

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Aug 23 10:24:46 EDT 2006

"Neil Mitchell" <ndmitchell at> writes:

> The good and bad of each are as follows:
> 1) Move alex.exe into some global Haskell directory for binaries
> (which is on the PATH)
> Not too bad, but while names might not clash, if too Cabal programs
> both have LICENSE in their same directory, and both read it, things go
> wrong. The whole issue is that name uniqueness goes.

The .exe should get installed in a different location than something
like a README, right?

> 2) Make an alex.bat in some global Haskell binary directory (on the PATH)
> Again, quite workable. There are a few disadvantages, the app isn't
> real, so certain things don't always work exactly like they should -
> for example Ctrl-C will ask "do you want to terminate the batch file"
> - not just kill Alex.
> 3) Make Cabal detect wherever it puts alex, so it can then use it.
> Good, and at a very minimum, Cabal should detect where it put
> something. It could even keep an installed tools database, if it felt
> the need. The disadvantage is you then can't invoke Alex/Haddock etc
> at the command line, which is useful to have.

Executables that cabal installs shouldn't just be available to cabal,
though!  Haskell is good for stuff besides building Haskell ;)



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