Paolo Martini paolo at
Sun Aug 20 14:13:05 EDT 2006


I've published a number of repositories so that people can try cabal- 
install more easily, I need to know wether it's working for you too,  
and what are the important things to do to towards the goal of  
shipping it with ghc-6.6.

My Cabal repository: <>

Patches (applied in the above repository):

Packages repository: <>

Some of the notable programs in the packages repository, if you are  
thinking about testing it out:
   * hnop (!)
   * lambdabot (!)
   * darcs-graph
   * hmp3
   * hask-home
   * many of the dependencies of Hope (<>),  
but no HaskellDB, any version available?
   * ...etc, darcs send me packages if you please.

Issues & ideas:
   * some packages miss the brief synopsis
   * no multiple repositories are allowed (I am thinking about how to  
solving it, ideas are welcome)
   * should it work on windows for ghc-6.6?
   * the dependency resolution code seem to work, but it should be  
probably "audited" better
   * you ideas?


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