Configure/build separation

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Thu Aug 17 09:50:13 EDT 2006


First off, being a windows user, having a configure/build separation
seems a bit unusual.

However, accepting that separation has been chosen, I was wondering
what the design rationale for the following behaviour is:

I download alex from darcs, runhaskell Setup configure checks for an
absolute pile of things - such as alex, c2hs, cpphs - all things that
are absolutely not required.

In amongst all this waffle, it also checks for Happy - an absolute
essential build dependancy. It doesn't find that, like it doesn't find
plenty of other things, and continues straight along. Then when I try
to buid, it fails.

So the two points are:

1) Shouldn't configure check for what is required, rather than
everything that any Haskell program might possibly require.

2) Shouldn't failing a configure check be an error, directing you to
go get happy?



PS. I'm really liking this Cabal thing, its a very nice concept.

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