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#33: The symbol `*' does not fit here
 Reporter:  guest   |        Type:  defect 
   Status:  new     |    Priority:  normal 
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  Version:  0.16.2  |    Keywords:         

Comment(by guest):

 I'm guessing that you're doing something like this:

 module CDDB where

 #include <cddb/cddb_cmd.h>

 {# context prefix = "cddb_" #}

 type Conn = {# pointer *conn_t #}

 sites :: Conn -> IO Int
 sites = {# call sites #}

 It would be helpful to include such information in your bug reports so
 that developers can focus on the observed behaviour instead of having to
 figure out how to reproduce it.

 This is not a c2hs bug. You are not supposed to include cddb_cmd.h
 directly; use cddb.h instead. FWIW, it would not work in C either:

 > echo '#include <cddb/cddb_cmd.h>' > t.c; gcc t.c
 In file included from t.c:1:
 /usr/include/cddb/cddb_cmd.h:79: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token

 #34 is the same mistake (use cdio.h instead of cdio/device.h).

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