[c2hs] #30: --include flag cannot handle windows paths

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#30: --include flag cannot handle windows paths
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 c2hs splits the string passed via the `--include` flag on the ':'
 character. On Unix, ':' is the search path separator character and the
 `--include` flag is intended to accept a whole search path in one go. On
 Windows, absolute paths look like `c:\blah` and these get broken if we
 split on ':' chars.

 Also it gobbles spaces. That breaks windows paths that often use spaces.

 Probably the solution is to use `System.FilePath.splitSearchPath` to split
 the search path. This uses ':' on Unix and ';' on Windows.

 Should also double check the order/priority of multiple independent
 --include flags vs --include=first:second.

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