[C2hs] patch applied (c2hs): "Version bump" and 1 others

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at community.haskell.org
Tue Dec 21 11:11:34 CET 2010

Fri Dec 17 03:21:49 EST 2010  Dmitry Astapov <dastapov at gmail.com>
  * Version bump
  Ignore-this: 3348983ad02750d8346d76d381466c7

    M ./c2hs.cabal -1 +1

Fri Dec 17 04:53:11 EST 2010  Dmitry Astapov <dastapov at gmail.com>
  * Allow in- and out-marshallers to have arguments, like this: 'alloca foo'- `ComparisonResult' 'peekEnum "bar"'*
  Ignore-this: 2d01fb02a09a8e84fa54fbf0f2816c17
  Rule "quote identifier to distinguish it from C->Haskell keyword" was
  extended. Now, anything quoted in the hook body would be transferred
  to the output file verbatim. Special token is intoduced to contain
  such code and make changes in the parser minimally intrusive. This
  change should be perfectly backwards-compatible.
  Tested on a bunch of packages from Hackage as tests seem to be semi-broken.

    M ./src/C2HS/CHS.hs -26 +40
    M ./src/C2HS/CHS/Lexer.hs -13 +22
    M ./src/C2HS/Gen/Bind.hs -32 +38

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