[C2hs] c2hs + language.c

Benedikt Huber benjovi at gmx.net
Sat Jan 24 15:07:16 EST 2009


Thanks for considering the patches !

On 24.01.2009, at 19:44, Duncan Coutts wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-01-24 at 16:57 +0000, Duncan Coutts wrote:
>> On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 20:49 +0200, Benedikt Huber wrote:
>>> Hello !
>>> I've set up a branch of c2hs using Language.C's parser and pretty
>>> printer.
>>>> http://code.haskell.org/~bhuber/c2hs
>>> The branch also fixes a couple of bugs (#6,#8,#9,#12) and, as a  
>>> small
>>> bonus, implements "enum define" hooks (Bug #5).
>> I've pulled the changes and I'm just trying to get some tests  
>> running.
>> You added ./tests/bugs/call_capital/ but I can't seem to make it  
>> work.
>> It's looking for a "capital.h" but there's no such file.

Strange, this test works on my system - there should be a file  
Capital.h, and in
fact, all files should be named Capital.? (with capital C). I'm on a  
case-insensitive filesystem
though (sigh), so maybe some darcs confusion.

>> Can you think of any other good test cases to give us some  
>> confidence?
>> I'd use gtk2hs but of course it is still using it's own c2hs fork.
>> I did manage to test cairo as that's using the normal c2hs, at least
>> with patches to cabalise it. That produced identical results  
>> (except for
>> numbering C2HS_COND_SENTRY_'s from 0 rather than 1).
> The packages on Hackage that declare that they use c2hs also  
> continue to
> work fine (there may be others that use it but do not declare the  
> fact).

Very good !
Could you please review (very small changes) and apply the following  
patches, too ?
Just to ensure c2hs will work with the next release of language.c as  
well (stays compatible
with 0.3.1).

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> So, Benedikt, you wrote all the new code for this release, what code
> name do you want to give it? :-)
> There have been some odd ones:
> 0.7.10	Afterthought
> 0.8.3	Gentle Moon
> 0.9.0	Blue Ginger
> 0.11.5	Powder Snow
> 0.10.17 Altocumulus Stratiformis Perlucidus Undulatus
> 0.12.0	Springtime
> 0.13.6  Pressing Forward
> 0.14.6	Travelling Lightly
> 0.15.0  Rainy Days

On 24.01.2009, at 19:58, Achim Schneider wrote:
> 0.16.0 Lingering Completion, in reference to Language.C?
Oh, very true and a nice pun, but maybe to obvious ?

I'd like to suggest 0.16.0 'Crystal Seed'.
It contains a reference to the environment (it's freezing), C would  
have been
called Crystal if invented after Perl and Ruby, and finally, the seed  
(the C parser) buried
in c2hs made it into a library and back into c2hs again. Seriously ;)


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