[C2hs] enum define hooks

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Fri Feb 29 12:16:19 EST 2008


I'm on the verge of my 1st Haskell project where I want to use c2hs to
produce bindings for C library.

There are not (yet) "enum define" hooks implemented, so I wonder what's
convenient way to bind library with quite a lot of #defines like:

#define SE_SUN          0       
#define SE_MOON         1       
#define SE_MERCURY      2       
#define SE_VENUS        3       
#define SE_MARS         4       
#define SE_JUPITER      5       
#define SE_SATURN       6 

and some in the form of:

#define SE_FNAME_DE200  "de200.eph"
#define SE_FNAME_DE403  "de403.eph"
#define SE_STARFILE     "fixstars.cat"

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