[C2hs] Feature request: #pointer should add Storable instance

Björn Bringert bringert at cs.chalmers.se
Mon Jun 4 09:59:28 EDT 2007

Björn Bringert wrote:
> Duncan Coutts wrote:
>> On Sat, 2007-06-02 at 18:31 +0200, Björn Bringert wrote:
>>> I'll just keep spamming this list with features I'm missing. I use 
>>> #pointer to create newtypes, but I'm missing Storable instances for 
>>> the produced newtypes. It's very nice to be able to use alloca, peek 
>>> etc for passing pointers around.
>>> Even GHC can't derive Storable since the type is recursive, but it's 
>>> easy to write the instance. Here's what I do now:
>>> {#pointer *SWIrecRecognizer as RecRecognizer newtype #}
>>> instance Storable RecRecognizer where
>>>      sizeOf (RecRecognizer r) = sizeOf r
>>>      alignment (RecRecognizer r) = alignment r
>>>      peek p = fmap RecRecognizer (peek (castPtr p))
>>>      poke p (RecRecognizer r) = poke (castPtr p) r
>>> c2hs could easily produce that Storable instance, and I can't see any 
>>> reason not to.
>> So this gives it a storable instance that interprets the newtype as a
>> pointer, but not as the thing pointed to? (which would be the usual
>> interpretation right?) I'm not sure I understand why you would want
>> this, and even if you did it'd prevent people doing the more normal
>> Storable instance for the thing pointed to. I'm clearly missing
>> something here.
> My main motivation for this is to be able to work with out-parameters 
> which return these pointers. For example, I want to use a function like 
> this one:
> int SWIrecRecognizerCreate (SWIrecRecognizer **rec);
> This function returns a pointer to the abstract type SWIrecRecognizer, 
> by using an out-parameter. I want to be able to use this #fun 
> declaration for it:
> {#fun recRecognizerCreate
>  { alloca- `RecRecognizer' peek*} -> `Int' #}
> Without the Storable instance, I would have to do something like this 
> (not tested):
> {#fun recRecognizerCreate
>  { allocaRecRecognizer- `RecRecognizer' peekRecRecognizer*} -> `Int' #}
>   where allocaRecRecognizer = allocaBytes {#sizeof RecRecognizer}
>     peekRecRecognizer = liftM (RecRecognizer . castPtr) . peek
> My interpretation was that #pointer is used for abstract types whose 
> internals you don't mess with from Haskell, but just pass around. Thus, 
> the only thing you want to do with them is to store and retrieve the 
> pointers, not the pointed-to objects. Maybe that's not always true, and 
> in that case, producing a Storable instance like the above is wrong. It 
> would be nice to have the option to do it though.
> /Björn

Hmm, I may be silly. Sometimes you want to allocate space for abstract 
objects in Haskell code, and pass that to C code. Then you need a sizeOf 
for the pointed-to object, not the pointer. I'll have to get back to you 
on this.


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