[C2hs] c2hs repo problems on Windows

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Sat Sep 23 09:53:12 EDT 2006


At some point in the history of the c2hs repo, the files hipar/base/todo 
and hipar/base/TODO both exist.

This is not good for people who want to get the repo on Windows :-)

After playing around a bit, I have made a version of the repo that can be 
got fine from Windows. It doesn't involve modifying any existing patches, 
just adding a couple of new ones and reordering them in the repo so that 
the two files todo and TODO never exist simultaneously.

My fixed up repo is at http://urchin.earth.li/darcs/ganesh/c2hs - I 
believe that you can sort out the main c2hs repo by getting a fresh copy 
from my repo, pulling in all the outstanding changes from the original 
c2hs repo, and then swapping the new one into place.

A more detailed explanation:

The current repo starts off with hipar/base/todo. At some point later, 
hipar/base/TODO is introduced. Later still, in the patch "rearranging 
darcs repo", hipar/base is renamed to base and the new base/todo is 

I wrote a patch that renames hipar/base/todo to hipar/base/todo-lowercase. 
This solves the name conflict for Windows, but annoyingly it conflicts 
with the delete of base/todo later on, so another patch is needed to 
resolve this conflict.

There's also a final patch at the end to actually delete the renamed 
todo-lowercase file, because I got confused when resolving the conflict 
and didn't do it then, and I only realised after the person I was helping 
on #darcs had pulled from me.

So the sequence of patches in the modified repo is:

- Original import
- Rename hipar/base/todo to hipar/base/todo-lowercase
- "rearranging darcs repo" and all its dependencies
- Resolve conflict between rename of todo and delete of todo
- Rest of the patches
- Actually delete base/todo-lowercase



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