PRINCE MICHAEL ALI (JNR) princealijnr at liberty.com
Mon Apr 25 12:55:17 EDT 2005

My Dear,

I feel obliged writing this mail to you. I am not quite exposed to foreign 
business and friends, hence i write to you with hope and trust that you 
will wellcome my mail without being without bias and that you will be 
trustworthy to me. I write this mail to you with the hope that we shall 
later discuss person-to- person. My writing this mail to you therefore 
should not be seen as a mistake or with any other intension rather than 
for what I am proposing to you.

l am Prince Michael Ali, l was born on oct 26-1979 25 year old, third
year law students, State University Of Science & Technology, Son of
late His Royal Highness Wuruola Ali 11, My father retired as Former
minister before he died on 29 December 2003.
Prior the probate of my late father's WILL and last Testament, it was
discovered that my father lodged the Sum of $65,000 000.00
(Sixty Five million US Dollars) in a Vault, together with specific
instruction to me on how to transfer this money Abroad. This is a
special arrangement with the company since his intension was to invest
the money himself. Among other reasons, my father did not wish this
money to fall into the hands of political enemies, who might conspire
to share my inheritance among themselves.

He therefore had his Attorney draw up a document empowering a foreigner
that will help me invest the funds this funds into any vaible business
abroad. If you can agree to assist me, by sending to me via email
attachment or direct me to a more capable hand the will invest the
funds with little information of a viable where the money will be
invested, I will send you necessary Document from my father's Attorney
in order for you to afix your name etc, in the space provided
thereafter you should send it back to me in order to effect the
transfer of t his money from here to any country of your choice Abroad
for the investiments only. My father also indicated that such an
Executor who helps me to transfer this money abroad for safety, will
be entitled to 30% of the $65million .

I appeal to you for urgent assistance to enable me effect the Terms of
my late father's WILL, in transfering this money abroad, for any good
investment of your liken, Please sir, regard this matter as a help to
safe guide my life and my inheritance from the hands of my late father's 
enemy and some greedy family members.

I wait for your positive response towards my proposal, also include
your phone/ fax numbers to enable me contact you.
My alternative email addresss is (princemichael_ali at asiamail.com)

Thanks and God bless you.


Prince Michael Ali (Jnr)

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