[C2hs] can't access struct field with name 'type'

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worcester.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Apr 19 06:21:07 EDT 2004

A bit of an irritation I've run into is that one cannot say:

valueType <- {# get GConfValue.type #} value

You see, GConfValue is a C struct like so:

struct GConfValue {

  GConfValueType type;

where GConfValueType is a C enum.

The c2hs tutorial seemed to indicate that you could do this
(see the example)

however c2hs (version 0.10.17 & 0.12.0) complains:
GConfValue.chs:156: (column 36) [ERROR]
  >>> Syntax error!
  The phrase `type' is not allowed here.

Presumably 'type' is a reserved token because 'type' is one of the c2hs
directives. Would it be terribly difficult to make the directive names
not special in cid contexts?


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