[Haskell-beginners] How to change base version easily?

Sylvain Henry sylvain at haskus.fr
Fri May 29 12:00:00 UTC 2020

Using haskell packages provided by ArchLinux is a pain (cf 
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Haskell). You have to tweak 
~/.cabal/config, etc.

I would recommend using `stack` as it manages ghc installations itself. 
You could also use ghcup+cabal-install.


On 29/05/2020 12:56, Francesco Ariis wrote:
> Hello July,
> Il 29 maggio 2020 alle 18:35 Treee July ha scritto:
>> Hello,
>> I installed the latest version of ghc, which caused one of my packages does
>> not satisfy the constraint of the version. I just wondering if there exists
>> a convenient way to degrade the version of the base. I use Arch Linux,
>> which is not easy to install an elder version.
> if you are using cabal, --allow-newer can ease some of the pain. Failing
> that, -w will work — but you need to download and locally install the
> appropriate ghc first.
> Let us know if that’s enough
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