[Haskell-beginners] Stack could not find libHStransformers

Quentin Liu quentin.liu.0415 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 06:43:22 UTC 2017


I was trying to use Parsec and imported Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec. I could call “stack ghc” to compile the file, but when I loaded the file into ghci and called any function, ghci would report errors
> can't load .so/.DLL for: /Users/HereWegoR/.stack/snapshots/x86_64-osx/lts-8.8/8.0.2/lib/x86_64-osx-ghc-8.0.2/libHSmtl-2.2.1-BLKBelFsPB3BoFeSWSOYj6-ghc8.0.2.dylib (dlopen(/Users/HereWegoR/.stack/snapshots/x86_64-osx/lts-8.8/8.0.2/lib/x86_64-osx-ghc-8.0.2/libHSmtl-2.2.1-BLKBelFsPB3BoFeSWSOYj6-ghc8.0.2.dylib, 5): Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/ghc/lib/ghc-8.0.2/transformers-
>   Referenced from: /Users/HereWegoR/.stack/snapshots/x86_64-osx/lts-8.8/8.0.2/lib/x86_64-osx-ghc-8.0.2/libHSmtl-2.2.1-BLKBelFsPB3BoFeSWSOYj6-ghc8.0.2.dylib
>   Reason: image not found)

I tried to install transformers by calling `stack install transformers` but the problem still persisted. Is it because the version of transformers in my repo is different from the one referenced by `mtl` package? How should I fix it?

Qingbo Liu
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