[Haskell-beginners] Conditionals where more than one case is true

PATRICK BROWNE patrick.browne at dit.ie
Mon Apr 17 10:26:07 UTC 2017

I am having difficulty in evaluating conditionals where more than one case
is true.
I require a program to express the following conditions:
 1) x is faster than y if x is a buffolo and y is a pig.
 2) x is faster than y if x is a pig and y is a slug.
Both of these conditions are true (expressed in fact predicate).
I include my attempt using guards (I have also tried case/if-then-else)

I can apreciate that the program works when the first guard condition is
met (faster Bob Joe).
I am not sure why it fails on the second case (faster Bob Joe)

Can I program the requirement using conditionals?
Can I pattern match is some way?
Is there another way to encode the requirement.

data E = Bob | Joe | Steve | Buffalo | Pig | Slug  deriving Show

fact Buffalo Bob  = True
fact Pig Joe  = True
fact Slug Steve  = True

faster x y | fact Buffalo x && fact Pig y =  True
           | fact Pig x && fact Slug y =  True
           | otherwise = False
-- faster Bob Joe OK
-- faster Steve  Bob ***Exception: Faster.hs:(5,1)-(7,23): Non-exhaustive
patterns in function fact


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