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On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 11:11 PM, Rein Henrichs <rein.henrichs at gmail.com>

> Pointfree is good for reasoning about *composition*. It can often be more
> readable than pointful code when the focus of the function is on
> composition of other functions. For example, take this function from Bird's *Pearls
> of Functional Algorithm Design*:
>  boxes = map ungroup . ungroup . map cols . group . map group

And better if you read it in the right (ie left to right order)

boxes  =  map group >>> group >>> map cols >> ungroup >>> map ungroup
(From Control.Arrow)

Even better if the 3-char clunky >>> is reduced to the 1-char ⋙
map group ⋙ group ⋙ map cols ⋙ ungroup ⋙ map ungroup
(From Control.Arrow.Unicode)
[Those who find this unnatural/difficult/arcane/etc may like to check out
Unix-pipes (or English :-) ]

Some wishful thinking in the same direction
(uses python but python is not really relevant)  :
Which to some extent I found works in Haskell :
If only Haskell would go further!!
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