[Haskell-beginners] ODP: howto Pipe

PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel frederic-emmanuel.picca at synchrotron-soleil.fr
Thu Feb 18 18:09:51 UTC 2016

Yes my withSomething method are of this kind

withGeometry ::  Factory -> Geometry -> (Ptr HklGeometry -> IO b) -> IO b
withGeometry f g fun = do
  fptr <- newGeometry f g
  withForeignPtr fptr fun

newGeometry :: Factory -> Geometry -> IO (ForeignPtr HklGeometry)

If I come back to my method, at the beginin I had this signature.

solveTraj :: Factory -> Geometry -> Detector -> Sample -> [Engine] -> IO [GEometry]

the last line was 

mapM (solve' engine n e >>= getSolution0) [engines]

but When I run the code for 100000 points I got a huge consomation of the memory...
So I tryed to solve this problem using the Pipe.

solveTraj :: Factory -> Geometry -> Detector -> Sample -> Pipe Engine Geometry IO ()
solveTraj f g d s = do
  e <- await
  let name = engineName e
  withSample s $ \sample ->
      withDetector d $ \detector ->
          withGeometry f g $ \geometry ->
              withEngineList f $ \engines ->
                withCString name $ \cname -> do
                  c_hkl_engine_list_init engines geometry detector sample
                  engine <- c_hkl_engine_list_engine_get_by_name engines cname nullPtr
                  n <- c_hkl_engine_pseudo_axis_names_get engine >>= darrayStringLen
                  yield $ solve' engine n e >>= getSolution0

Now I think that this is maybe the wrong way to solve my issue.

the computation done by my C library in the solve' depends of the previous step.

when I solve my system the geometry "C object" move. (this is a side effect really important for my computation)

solve' :: Ptr HklEngine -> CSize -> Engine -> IO (ForeignPtr HklGeometryList)
solve' engine n (Engine _ ps _) = do
  let positions = [v | (Parameter _ v _) <- ps]
  withArray positions $ \values ->
      c_hkl_engine_pseudo_axis_values_set engine values n unit nullPtr
      >>= newForeignPtr c_hkl_geometry_list_free

so I can not convert this into a single pipe step...
or maybe it is possible to create a pipe which store this internal state in order to treat each steps.

It start to be a little bit difficult for me to manage all this :))



Ps: the starting point of this is the huge memory use by my software...

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