[Haskell-beginners] REPL with visualisation

Ondrej Nekola ondra at nekola.cz
Sat Nov 28 16:10:02 UTC 2015

Does it have some support for visual results or just text outputs?

> When I was learning it (still learning!) I just use emacs.
> Top half is my code window, bottom half is a standard "M-x shell" then 
> run ghci. It works. I've tried to use leksah but it is a little "busy" 
> and doesn't really help to keep things simple when you are still 
> learning, IMO anyway.
> On 28 November 2015 at 15:41, Ondrej Nekola <ondra at nekola.cz 
> <mailto:ondra at nekola.cz>> wrote:
>     I can (partially) answer myself: after a bit of experimenting
>     iHaskell (jupyter/ipython + haskell kernel - don't try to install
>     this with cabal, stack works. Don't forget to install native
>     libraries) is quite usable. There is great looking haskellformac
>     (paid) software but as the name suggests it's OS X only.
>        OSN
>         Hi
>         Just curious: is there some recommended "first choice"
>         combination of REPL and libs for (Apple) Swift styled
>         "playgrounds"? (I have just seen a fractalish coffee spill and
>         remembered that I have not implemented Mandelbrot set since
>         high school and Pascal days and maybe it's time to be a bit
>         childish again).
>         Thanks
>             Ondra 'satai' Nekola
>         ondra at nekola.cz <mailto:ondra at nekola.cz>
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