[Haskell-beginners] REPL with visualisation

Ondrej Nekola ondra at nekola.cz
Sat Nov 28 15:41:10 UTC 2015

I can (partially) answer myself: after a bit of experimenting iHaskell 
(jupyter/ipython + haskell kernel - don't try to install this with 
cabal, stack works. Don't forget to install native libraries) is quite 
usable. There is great looking haskellformac (paid) software but as the 
name suggests it's OS X only.

> Hi
> Just curious: is there some recommended "first choice" combination of 
> REPL and libs for (Apple) Swift styled "playgrounds"? (I have just 
> seen a fractalish coffee spill and remembered that I have not 
> implemented Mandelbrot set since high school and Pascal days and maybe 
> it's time to be a bit childish again).
> Thanks
>     Ondra 'satai' Nekola
>     ondra at nekola.cz
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