[Haskell-beginners] is Haskell practical?

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Wed Nov 25 18:13:35 UTC 2015

Yes Haskell is practical except for finding Haskell replacement programmers.


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> Dennis Raddle:
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> > wrote:
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> > I don't agree. Having worked for 16 years in a government aerospace
> > contractor doing C++ and Python programming, what I saw is that maybe
> half
> > the programmers struggled with precise thinking and abstraction. They
> > thought of programs as step-by-step recipes and implemented those recipes
> > in exactly the same way they themselves had always thought about a
> problem.
> >
> > Also having worked as a math tutor, I see many people who struggle with
> > abstract thinking.
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> > Can an "okay" imperative programmer become an "okay" Haskell programmer?
> > Does the necessary skill, work, motivation, and talent to program at an
> > "ordinary" imperative level serve as a sufficient prerequisite for
> > functional programming? I really don't think so, but I could be wrong.
> What'd be the definition of an okay programmer? If we agree that's the
> one that "learns how to solve a few standard problems and then applies
> the same thing over and over without much creativity", then I'll argue
> this will work with Haskell just like with any imperative language. If
> you train them on Haskell that is. :-)
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> > But I wonder if the same mechanisms that make Haskell concise (which are
> > some of the things that make it hard) also are bound up with its
> practical
> > advantages so that they can't be separated.
> What you mean by practical? Does it mean that you can find enough people
> able to use it in your real-world project, without putting too high
> requirements on training them?
> If so, then we could say that given the current state of affairs, where
> the mass of okay programmers are trained on a different paradigm,
> Haskell is not all that practical.
> But if practical means that the language is well suited for solving
> real-world problems, in beautiful ways, once you get it, then it is
> uberpractical! :-)
> M.
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