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Thu Nov 12 13:58:44 UTC 2015

Just a note on the data structure.  Wouldn't a binary tree (a balanced one;
red-black, avl etc) give a logarithmic time constant for insertion while a
list will give you a worst case bound of n, n being the length of the list?

:: Data.Map uses a ordered balanced binary tree implementation for storing
and retrieving key value pairs.

Now, with that out of the way,

For 1, you are defining OrdList a to be a new data type (or type with a
data constructor).  Just to make sure users of this package cannot
construct ill-formed OrdList, you can hide the constructor and provide your
custom constructor (like fromList and its ilk).

For 2., I don't know what you mean but OrdList is a datatype or rather a
type constructor which takes an additional concrete type to form a concrete
type.  In other words, OrdList is of the kind (*->*).  Lookup kinds
(wikibooks is good for this and so are http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/
and learn you a haskell for great good).

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 6:11 PM, Mark Carter <alt.mcarter at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am trying to implement "OrdList", which is a list that is guaranteed to
> be ordered. Here's my implementation so far:
> module OrdList (empty, fromList, insert, toList, OrdList(OrdList)) where
> import Data.List as L (span)
> data OrdList a = OrdList [a] deriving (Show)
> empty :: OrdList a
> empty = OrdList []
> insert :: (Ord a) => a -> OrdList a -> OrdList a
> insert x ol =
>   let -- OrdList xs = ol
>       (before, after) = L.span (\el -> el <= x) $ toList xs
>   in
>     OrdList $  before ++ [x] ++ after
> fromList :: Ord a => [a] -> OrdList a
> fromList xs =
>   if null xs then empty else insert (head xs) (fromList $ tail xs)
> toList :: OrdList t -> [t]
> toList xs =
>   let OrdList xs' = xs in xs'
> It "works", but no doubt there's plenty to dislike about it. Some specific
> questions I have in mind:
> 1. Should OrdList be best implemented as a class, data, or newtype? If so,
> what changes need to be made?
> 2. How comes I can't refer to OrdList as a data type? This is a problem
> because I can't say that I want the type of something to be OrdList Int,
> for example.
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