[Haskell-beginners] What to do next?

bruce li leilmyxwz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 18:17:37 UTC 2014

Hi, there,
I'm relatively new to Haskell...well... I mean I haven't done anything I
believe truely in Haskell. I have gone through materials like Learn You a
Haskell for Real Good, Real World Haskell, most chapters in Haskell
Wikibook, Write Yourself Scheme in 48 Hours, Algorithms: A Functional
Approach and other materials in Haskell Wiki.

*But... what I feel is that I'm not confident while writing Haskell
code.*Having gone through all those materials with "magic", I always
feel I'm
writing stupid code and there must be more elegant way... And... what's
worse, I feel guilty while using IO monad but I simply cannot avoid it,
like when I try to write code generator for a toy compiler, I need to keep
state of the registers, which I need IORef... Then I feel its not pure
anymore but I don't know how to get around it.

I'm wondering if anyone else shares this kind of feeling and what should I
do next? Could anyone suggest any project to get hands on experience with

Another question is that the deeper digging into functional algorithms
design (reading the book Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design), the more
ignorant I feel. So how do I make up the basics like fold law, list
induction etc. Any suggested reading materials?

Well.. I think that's a lot question. Thanks for your patience and your
kind help.
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