[Haskell-beginners] list problem

Emanuel Koczwara poczta at emanuelkoczwara.pl
Mon Mar 3 17:40:03 UTC 2014


W dniu 03.03.2014 18:04, Roelof Wobben pisze:
> I am studing this by following the wiki tutorial and then the Haskell 
> basic tutorial.
> But if you have a better tutorial I'm happy to study this one too.
> Roelof
> Benjamin Edwards schreef op 3-3-2014 17:59:
>> The problem is that you don't seem to understand how singly linked 
>> lists work. I would recommend studying this first, then understanding 
>> how to append a value to the end of the list in haskell will probably 
>> make a lot more sense.

   This is of course mailing list for beginners and we are happy to help 
you, but your questions are _very_ basic. Please take a look at 


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