[Haskell-beginners] Just started working with Haskell. Need some help

Pyro Crane pyrocrane1 at aol.com
Sat Jan 18 17:25:01 UTC 2014



I just started working with Haskell

Running it on a RHEL linux operating system

I was able to download and install it,  along with libraries and packages  (or, at least, what I thought were the libraries and packages)

But, when I try to run a simple script, I keep getting the error :   "Could not find module XXXXXX"..............

I understand what this error means ---- there is a package/library missing.

I tried using the "Cabal Update"  command,  but this did not solve the problem.

So, I am now fixing this problem the primitive way, as follows :

(a)  I use Google to first find out what the missing module is

(b)  then, based on what google says, I am able to determine the name of the actual package that needs to be installed

(c)  I use  "Cabal Install"  to install the package

(d)  I try to run the script again

(e)  I get the same error, but this time, it cannot find a different module

(f)  I go back to Google to locate the missing module

etc, etc, etc, etc

Obviously, this is as slow as it is ridiculous...............
especially when one considers that there are probably hundreds of these modules/packages

And, now, I've come up against a module/package,  which I am unable to locate in Google.  It's missing from my installation, and Google does not know what it is,  or where I can find it

Is there any way to simply install ALL required packages???   I thought I already did this,  but obviously I missed something

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