[Haskell-beginners] Designing complex Haskell programs

Courtney Robinson courtney at crlog.info
Fri Jan 3 16:45:08 UTC 2014

I'm trying to take the training wheels of and moving more of my code base
to Haskell from C++ but finding it increasingly tricky.

I have a subset of a gossip protocol written in C++.
When a server comes online it connects to 1 or more nodes already in the
cluster and get data from them about other nodes they know of.

The new node merges the information and keeps a copy of the merged view.
Every so often it contacts the nodes it knows about and refreshes the
merged view. It also must have the up to date view ready to be sent in
response to a new node joining.

I currently can't wrap my head around how to maintain this state. How would
a more experienced Haskeller approach this problem? Code is OK if it
demonstrates a particular point but I'm more interested in the line of
thought that would go into designing a solution as I suspect that'll be
more useful as I get further into the migration.

As a gauge to you for my current level in Haskell. I read and understand
most Haskell programs fine. I write some but currently heavily rely on
hackage/hoogle docs for APIs, even some common ones.

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