[Haskell-beginners] Platform for Mac OS 10.6

Henry Lockyer henry.lockyer at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 19 17:31:02 UTC 2014

Hello people - trying to get back into Haskell again after previous flirtation which was long enough ago to forget almost everything, it seems.
I appear to be lost in a mirror maze in trying to work out again how to bring my platform more up to date on Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).

The macos link for download at
however does not seem to work. I do not get a working installer package just an "Unknown" 204mb file. 

Sniffing around via GHC pages I find this page:
where it says
"For Mac OS X we provide a native system installer, available on the download page for each release. We recommend using these installers "
However the 'download page' link just takes you circularly back to 

This page
says the the current platform version is 2013.2.0 

From my own past notes I should currently have platform 2011.4.0.0 
I do definitely have GHC  7.0.4-x86_64

I also ran 'cabal update' as I dimly remembered that I should do this, and it indicated there was another version of cabal install available by doing a "cabal install cabal-install" but this complains:
"$ cabal install cabal-install
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: cannot configure process- It requires base >=4.4 && <4.8
For the dependency on base >=4.4 && <4.8 there are these packages:
. . ."
I have base    (as indicated by GHC-PKG LIST).

I thought refreshing the overall package level would be the most straightforward way to update to a consistent state as at least the first step.

Hopefully I'm just having a bad day...

I have two main motivations here (1) general refresh (2) get latest Open-GL stuff    - in case that affects the answer.

Can anyone recommend/remind/help with how best to approach this? 

Many thanks/ Henry

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