[Haskell-beginners] Broken packages after upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04

Johannes Engels johannes.engels at hft-stuttgart.de
Thu May 2 10:45:37 CEST 2013

Thank you for all your valuable replies! The last days I experimented, 
mostly with "cabal install world"; although this terminated regularly, 
my broken packages were not repaired. I guess this was because many of 
them are not "user" (local), which seems to be a prerequisite according 
to Daniel Fischer's detailed advice here:

I therefore decided to reinstall GHC and all the packages completely, 
what should not be too hard in my case. Unfortunately, it seems that 
there is no Haskell platform available yet which is compatible with 
ghc-7.6.2, the current ghc version in the Ubuntu 13.04 repo. So I shall 
wait for the upcoming release of the Haskell platform in May.
I guess I should study Albert Lai's explanations in
about cabalized packages in order to avoid similar flops in the future. 
(I just don't find this as exciting as learning about functors, monads, 
combinators ...)
Thanks again for your suggestions!

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