[Haskell-beginners] Cannot Show Table

Guenter Fiebig guenter.fiebig at online.de
Fri Jul 26 15:42:15 CEST 2013


me, I am a very beginner.
I build a GUI with Glade containing an input- and an output table as 
well as two buttons.
My target is to take the user-input  from the input table, process it 
and put the result to the output table.
My first problem is to display the content from the input table for control.
With "   onClicked inButton (putStr "Hello, World!")   " haskell works 
fine without errors.
With "  onClicked inButton (???   inTable)   " I do not find the right 
command to display within Prelude.

Thanks for help,

     inButton <- builderGetObject builder castToButton "button1";
     outButton <- builderGetObject builder castToButton "button2";
     inTable <- builderGetObject builder castToTable "table1";

     --onClicked inButton (putStr "Hello, World!"); --0nly for testing
     onClicked inButton (??? inTable);

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