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You wrote:
You can turn anything into an IO action with return, or you could catch the exception at a level where you are performing IO. Would this be what you're after?

Wait until you perform IO, seems quit uneasy to me and why? Converting a string to a typeable is not a IO action. Problem is that this function lives in a dll. The IO is done by the calling program (not a Haskell program). The function is not in a monad, it is a pure function. So I think I can’t do a return.


On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 7:47 PM, Kees Bleijenberg <k.bleijenberg at lijbrandt.nl> wrote:

The app I’am working on, converts a jsonString to another string encoding. 

The function I want to write is  jsonString -> (encoding, errorMsg)  so String-> (String, String) 

For this purpose I have a typeable datastructure Glass. Because it is typeable I can do (decodeJSON jsonString) :: Glass

But sometimes the jsonString is not valid (misformed or wrong fields). decodeJSON then throws a exception.  I want to

catch that exection and transform the result to something like (“” , theErrorMsg). Unfortunately all catch functions want IO parameters. 

What can I do?




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