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Peter Hall peter.hall at memorphic.com
Tue Jul 2 23:26:59 CEST 2013

> As a side note, I think that in the vast majority of cases where you
think that a type class is be a good solution - it's not. :-}

This has been said a lot, which is why I was looking for suggestions. I
didn't think about separating them into different modules. It might work.

I think, for now, I'm going to keep it simple and just use the "fast" case
and worry about how to refactor to use both, when it comes to it.


On 2 July 2013 08:13, Frerich Raabe <raabe at froglogic.com> wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> Am 7/2/2013 12:52 AM, schrieb Peter Hall:
>  The other problem I'm facing is with name collisions for record
>> accessors. There are two versions of MtGoxTicker from different services
>> - one with a subset of the properties, which is supposed to be faster
>> (it isn't, but that isn't the point). The data types are here
>> https://github.com/peterjoel/**auto-trader/blob/**
>> 6974d66ae51459479c19be291d075b**bdeb718b53/AutoTrader/MtGox/**Types.hs<https://github.com/peterjoel/auto-trader/blob/6974d66ae51459479c19be291d075bbdeb718b53/AutoTrader/MtGox/Types.hs>
>> .
>> One is commented one out while I decide what to do. What is the best way
>> to model those records to avoid collisions, while not being confusing to
>> users of the library? I am very tempted to use type classes, but that
>> feels naughty. Using unique prefixes seems bad too - it would be nice
>> for some code to be able to use them interchangeably if they don't need
>> all the fields.
> This sounds like a good case for two separate modules:
> AutoTrader.MtGox.Ticker.Full would have a data Ticker = Ticker { .. }
> which is the commented-out MtGoxTickerFull, and
> AutoTrader.MtGox.Ticker.Fast would balso have a 'data Ticker = ...', which
> would be your MtGoxTicker.
> This would allow you to use the same field names without getting clashes,
> users of your library could choose hwo to import the types, i.e. what
> prefix to use - and people using no fields from the full ticker could
> switch their code by changing something like
>   import qualified AutoTrader.MtGox.Ticker.Full
> to
>   import qualified AutoTrader.MtGox.Ticker.Fast
> As a side note, I think that in the vast majority of cases where you think
> that a type class is be a good solution - it's not. :-}
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