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> Good morning,
> I've actually have 6 books in my library. They are:
> 1. "Algebra Third Edition" by MacLane and Birkhoff
>     [I couldn't get anything out of this book]
> 2. "Categories for the Working Mathemetician - Second Edition" by Mac Lane
>    [I could get through the first chapter and then gave up]
> 3. "Conceptual Mathematics - A first introduction to categories" by
> Lawvere and Schanuel
>   [The first chapter was understandable but the following chapters were
> completely undecipherable]
> 4. " Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists" by Pierce
>   [I could get through all three chapters but couldn't do the exercies -
> and could not see how CT applies to Haskell {especially, Monoids, Monads
> and Functors}]
> 5. "Categories and Computer Science" by Walters
>   [This one made me cry]
> 6. "Category Theory" by Awodey
>   [Again, I could only get through the first chapter]
> I tried viewing the videos by Eugenia Cheng - but I just couldn't follow
> her presentation.
> I also viewed another video entitled Hasket and CT - but it was given by a
> mathematican and I couldn't follow this fellow - I'll have to get the link
> for this.
> I finally viewed a video by Brian Beckman in regard to FP [eg: F# and
> Haskell - and mentions C# as a comparison non-FP language], specifically,
> in regard to Monoids and it was great - however, he didn't go into CT - but
> he did recommend that the viewer pursue it.
> I'm really not interested in all of the categories in the world...I
> specifically am interested in how CT applies to Hask, Monoids, Monads and
> Functors.
> All of the Haskell authors that I've read have 'ducked' the CT issue -
> mentioning that it is not necessary to understand Haskell. I often was left
> with the thought: are they correct or do they simply not understand CT.
> If you know of a Computer Scientist  [and, please, not a Mathematician]
> who has written in regard to Haskell and CT, please let me know.
Not an exact answer... still here are a couple

Also Sannella and Tarlecki's

I cannot say I recommend any very strongly.
Sannella and Tarlecki seems to be good but Ive yet to study it

The first 50 or so pages of this
http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/3-540-17162-2//page/1 was useful to
me. I have no access to it now

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