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Dear Corentin, Dear Chaddai, Dear Lorenzo,

Thank you for your replies, they explain everything I didn't understand.

Only, I cannot find the new equivalent for the old
function, which doesn't appear anymore? At least not in

Actually, I always use it in a little helper file I apply in all my Haskell
projects. For example, if a project has modules M1.hs and M2.hs, this
helper file is
     -- helper.hs
     import System
     import M1
     import M2
     myhaddock = System.system "haddock -h M1.hs M2.hs"
so that I can start each session simply with
    $ ghci
    Prelude> :l helper.hs
and I can generate the docs M1.html and M2.html for my project simply with
    Main> myhaddock

I could probably do all this with some built-in tools. For example there is
  Distribution.Simple.Haddock.haddock :: PackageDescription ->
LocalBuildInfo -> [PPSuffixHandler] -> IO ()
but all this might be well programmed, but is so poorly documented, that I
am not able figure that out.

A while ago I did an intensive study on this whole Cabal, and at that stage
I became really frustrated with Haskell. I had spent a lot of time in
realizing two nice projects, but I was not able to cabalize and publish
them. Since then, I am just waiting and hoping for a thorough introduction
(beyond the overwhelming Cabal manual) that explains all that to mere

Anyway, thank you very much again.
Regards, Tom
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