[Haskell-beginners] exceptions and stacks

Ozgur Akgun ozgurakgun at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 13:08:30 CET 2012

fwiw, I am getting a stack trace with 7.6.1.

-- stack.hs
main = print $ foo [1]
foo xs = bar xs ++ bar xs
bar (x:xs) = [x, head xs]

$ ghc -prof -auto-all -rtsopts stack.hs

$ ./stack +RTS -xc
*** Exception (reporting due to +RTS -xc): (THUNK_2_0), stack trace:
  --> evaluated by: Main.bar,
  called from Main.foo,
  called from Main.main,
  called from Main.CAF
  --> evaluated by: Main.main,
  called from Main.CAF
stack: Prelude.head: empty list

Ozgur Akgun
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