[Haskell-beginners] wxHaskell install errors

Gregory Guthrie guthrie at mum.edu
Wed Jun 6 18:52:03 CEST 2012

No, I am not sure of this - I followed the instructions at:
The describe the "install" as the wxWidgets install of source code, and then how to compile it, and then just to do cabal installs, which is what is failing.

The cabal install error describes some configuration options, but I don't know where or how they are intended to be used.
     This problem can usually be solved by installing the system packages that
     provide these libraries (you may need the "-dev" versions). If the libraries
     are already installed but in a non-standard location then you can use the
     flags --extra-include-dirs= and --extra-lib-dirs= to specify where they are.

I see in my cabal directory that it has files :

I also notice that these instructions require a bunch of PATH fiddling that I never had to do before for wxWidgets /wxHaskell 2.8. 
Also that it asks to install a path pointer to the cabal directory to \wxc-%WXC_VERSION%\%GHC_VERSION% which file does not exist on my system.  ??

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> Subject: Re: [Haskell-beginners] wxHaskell install errors
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> > C: >cabal install wx
> > Resolving dependencies...
> > setup\setup.exe ...
> > Configuring wxc-
> > Configuring wxc to build against wxWidgets 2.9
> >
> > setup.exe: Missing dependencies on foreign libraries:
> Are you sure that you installed wxWidgets 2.9 and didn't just compile it from source? It
> looks like cabal can't find the wxWidgets libraries on your system.

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