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Thu Jul 5 12:38:43 CEST 2012

=A0 Using "cabal install" is dangerous, and leads to broken packa=
ge structure (inconsistent package versions and shadowing).<br>
=A0 Better to use cabal-dev,<br>
=A0 =A0 But it requires network, which is external to Haskell, and a pain t=
o build (on windows)...<br>
Thus, no good solution on Windows - is this right?<br>
Since Windows is 94%+ of computing environments today (all of our labs use =
Windows, and &quot;standard&quot; IDEs), then Haskell is not a good fit?<br=
We want to use Windows since that is what students will generally see in th=
eir professional environments.<br>
I hope not...!! =A0:-)<br>
&gt;&gt; Ahh, I think network is a pain to build on Windows.<br>
&gt;&gt; =A0I don&#39;t as a rule do any haskell on windows because of the =
headaches of msys / mingw.<br>


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