[Haskell-beginners] Trouble compiling haskell platfrom

Jeff Lasslett jeff.lasslett at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 02:07:38 CEST 2012


I'm trying to recompile & reinstall the haskell platform  I
have installed it successfully on a prior occasion  but I decided to
reinstall as I think I may have messed up my installed packages a bit
while playing around with yesod.   I intend to use cabal-dev or
virtualenv for that in future.

So I thought I'd do a clean install.  I blew away my haskell platform
and ghc, both of which were installed in a dir under my home dir.  I
also blew away my ~/.cabal/ dir.

I then reinstalled by ghc 7.4.1 into ~/prg/haskell-platform-

I then unpacked the sources of haskell-platform- and
configured it with the prefix set to where ghc is.

configure finished without error so I ran 'make'.  It quits with what
follows.  How do I fix this??

With thanks,


* Now do "make" followed by "make install"
jeff at chunks:~/src/haskell-platform-2012.2.0.0$ make
Scanning system for any installed Haskell Platform components...

Found: HUnit- OpenGL- GLUT- html-
parallel- random- QuickCheck-2.4.2 stm-2.3 syb-
haskell-src- text- transformers- mtl-2.1.1
fgl- parsec-3.1.2 network- HTTP-4000.2.3
regex-base-0.93.2 regex-posix-0.95.1 regex-compat-0.95.1
xhtml-3000.2.1 cgi-3001.1.7.4 zlib- haskell-platform-2012.2.0.0

New packages to install: None! All done.

Building alex-3.0.1
"/home/jeff/prg/haskell-platform-" "--make" "Setup"
"-o" "Setup" "-package" "Cabal-1.14.0"
Linking Setup ...
"./Setup" "configure"
Warning: defaultUserHooks in Setup script is deprecated.
Configuring alex-3.0.1...
"./Setup" "build"
Building alex-3.0.1...
Preprocessing executable 'alex' for alex-3.0.1...

    Could not find module `Test.QuickCheck'
    There are files missing in the `QuickCheck-2.4.2' package,
    try running 'ghc-pkg check'.
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

Building the alex-3.0.1 package failed
make: *** [build.stamp] Error 2

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