[Haskell-beginners] install problem

Andy Larocque ablaroc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 02:15:53 CET 2012

I've been trying to build wxWidgets from source, and downloaded the
following straightforward instructions.
Everything worked fine until I got to #5 . I got the error : bash:
./configure: No such file or directory;  and it seems that the  'configure'
command is not available on my system, ..anywhere . (Ubuntu 11). Why is
this command not available , and how do I fix this and continue the build?*
Building wxWidgets for use on
* GMAT's GUI is written using the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library.
GMAT's source code is not Unicode compliant, so you may need to download
and install wxWidgets if you want to run GMAT from its GUI. This procedure
will take you through the wx build process:

1. Download wxWidgets from the wx site, and uncompress the source code. On
Linux, you should download the wxGTK code base.

2. Open a console window

3. Change directories to the folder containing wxWidgets.

4. Setup a build directory, and change directories to that folder:

$ mkdir installation
$ cd installation

5. Configure the framework. wxWidgets provides many different configuration
options that can be previewed using the configure --help option. For
example, you may want to turn off some of the graphics file formats (TIFF
support, for example), change the location of the library files, or enable
debugging. This is the minimal set that I use (though I sometimes omit the
optimization option):

$ configure --with-opengl --enable-shared --enable-optimise

6. Read the summary information after configuring to be sure that the
correct operating system and options were set.

7. Build wxWidgets:

$ make

8. Install it:

$ make install

9. Run ldconfig on the install folder (/usr/local/lib, unless you changed
it in step 5).
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