[Haskell-beginners] gui pkgs

Andy ablaroc at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 21:34:24 CET 2012

  I'm trying to create a calculator in Haskell, something like the one 
in the enclosed image. To program the gui , I thought i might use a 
toolkit such as wxHaskell to create the buttons and frame etc.. I 
followed all the instructions on the wxHaskell homepage and everything 
seemed to install properly. Next I tried to use it with ghci, but to no 
avail.  It seems you have to register wxHaskell with ghci by using a 
command like <ghci -package wx> but that crashes . Every tutorial I read 
didn't work. Does anyone have a clear set of instructions,that does 
work? Also, is there a better toolkit for doing guis than wxHaskell?  I 
tried Glade, but it's so bug-ridden I couldn't get anything done. I need 

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