[Haskell-beginners] Programming GTK

gabre at caesar.elte.hu gabre at caesar.elte.hu
Fri Jan 6 09:45:03 CET 2012


I am writing a turtle graphics program in Haskell. Now, I am working  
on the GUI (Gtk2HS). I am a newbie, I have never programmed event  
driven systems.

I have a Button, and when it is clicked the code written in a a  
TextView is drawn in a DrawingArea. There are some problems: when  
"Expose event" happens (I dont really know, if I use the right words,  
but I mean, when another window is in focus, or another window comes  
before the turtle graphics window etc.) my drawing disappears (I know,  
it is the normal behaviour). I would like to redraw it, but I dont  
know, how.

I have a function with events...

connectGui gui =
                 onDestroy (mainWin gui) mainQuit
                 onClicked (btn gui) (drawProgram gui)
                 afterActivateLeaf (quitbtn gui) (widgetDestroy (mainWin gui))

(where gui is a record, containing all the GUI elements, such as the buttons)
...but the drawProgram function draws everything, and if I add the  
"onExpose" with the same drawing function, everything is redrawn  
although the Button was never clicked before.

So I would like to modify the code:
  -if the button was already clicked and redraw is needed, then it  
should be done
  -if the button was never clicked, then there must be no redraw

Could you tell me, how can I do this?


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