[Haskell-beginners] mailing list question

David Jacobs david at wit.io
Wed Feb 1 07:46:05 CET 2012

Or how about UTF-8 plain text?

On Jan 31, 2012, at 8:12 PM, Gregory Guthrie <guthrie at mum.edu> wrote:

> I notice that the mailing list digest form is text only, so special symbols (Greek – alpha, beta, ..) all get mangled into “?”.
> This is not so common on the Beginners list, but not infrequent on the Café list.
> To find the original version, one needs to go to the archives, but they are indexed by date, and the digest is by Vol, No, Topic.
> So,
> Is there any way to get an HTML version of the digest?
> And/or, to add some indexing to the archives? (an indexed page into the archives?)
> I presume the answer to these is no, since I did not see any such options on the mailman archive page;
> so likely this is just either a comment or suggestion, or both.  J
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