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> A copy would be most helpful. Thanks :)

The most useful part of the Elite/Traveller trading engine problem is that
it's extremely easy to come up with changes to the requirements once you've
finished the thing. We all have some idea how international trade works, so
you can think about the domain and say - "Hey - I'm going to add tariffs!
And I'm going to add alliances - most worlds will belong to one, and if
you're registered with Alliance A then you don't pay tariffs at their
ports, but you do pay extra at B's, and you can't dock at C's at all. But
those relationships may change at an any moment."

Politics and trade are complex enough so that you can always come up with
some tweak to the model that you never thought of before. Which means you
get to see how easy it is to refactor for completely unanticipated
requirements - it's not a hard test that gives you numbers, but it does
give you a feel for how the language being tested copes with the sort of
unanticipated change you can get in real world requirements.

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