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I'm Following the book of Programming in haskell written by Graham Hutton.
In Chapter number 8 there is a discussion about functional parsers and it
is defined a functional Parser item and some basic parsers as follow

 *success :: a -> Parser a*

*success v = \ inp -> [(v,inp)]*

 *failure :: Parser a*

*failure = \inp -> [ ]*

 *item :: Parser Char*

*item = \inp -> case inp of*

*[ ] -> [ ]*

*(x:xs) -> [(x,xs)]*

 Based on this parser it is defined a* *new parser called *sat p*

*sat :: (Char -> Bool ) -> Parser Char*

*sat p = do x <- item*

*if p x then success x else failure*

 as result, this error appears

*Couldn't match expected type `Char'*

*with actual type `[(Char, String)]'*

*In the first argument of `p', namely `x'*

*In the expression: p x*

*In the expression: if p x then success x else failure*

 Can you help me ?


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