[Haskell-beginners] Functional programming principles at higher levels?

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I found Real World Haskell very helpful. After that I could actually program
shell scripts in haskell. Then I did Write yourself a Scheme in 48 hours. I
could make simple parsers. It is just one step of the stair.

But what really helped to move up, was reading research articles in which
haskell is featured. The articles are of good quality and very interesting
to read.

I think that is missing in the tutorials, that there are a lot of good
articles about haskell.

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> On 09/25/2011 03:26 PM, mike.w.meyer at gmail.com wrote:
>> On the other hand, 'Real World Haskell' doesn't involve all that much
>> math, either. Nor did what I got through of 'Write yourself a Scheme in 48
>> Hours' (I switched to RWH because you can find solutions to the exercises in
>> the reader comments). Or did you consider those "ridiculous" tutorials as
>> well?
> I hated Real World Haskell. IIRC, didn't get into any of the theory, and
> the "real world" examples didn't seem very real world, either.
> I should probably clarify... I don't think it is a bad think that Haskell
> is all about higher math. I just hated the tutorials and books that
> pretended like this wasn't the case and try to teach you Haskell like you
> are learning PHP. Personally I find lambda calculus and type theory to be
> quite interesting and, I suspect, the salvation of the modern programming
> mess. Unfortunately though they depend on a lot of material I didn't learn
> in college because the lame C++ OOP courses I was taking gave me the
> impression that there was zero connection between mathematics and real life
> programming.
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