[Haskell-beginners] Yesod umlaut issue

Chaddaï Fouché chaddai.fouche at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 16:16:44 CET 2011

On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 3:59 PM, Obscaenvs <obscaenvs at gmail.com> wrote:
> As for a related issue, it isn't immediately obvious from the Yesod book how
> I should go about producing "&Gamma;" for instance in the html output -- if
> I do
> gammaString = "&Gamma;"
> ...later...
> #{gammaString}
> ...then this will result in "&amp;Gamma;" being output in the html source.
> Should I in this case also produce Html directly? It's pretty good having
> these as shortcuts, as long as I do not have a keyboard that can easily
> switch to, say, Greek encoding...

Well, I guess those shortcuts are only present in your own code and
strings, so using something like
> #{preEscapedText myStringWithEntities}
is probably not too much of a security risk, just be more cautious if
you're getting outside content...


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